February 12, 2009

So, on Tuesday we finished 5 days of recording at Atlantis Studios in Stockholm. Yesterday we started at another studio called Decibel. Thanks so much to Janne for making us feel so welcome at Atlantis.  He is one of the sweetest people you’re ever likely meet. In five days we recorded drums, percussion, double bass, some piano, voice, guitar, saxophone and some hand claps. We’ve recorded the basics of 14 songs and have now chosen the 12 that we plan to mix. It sounds pretty great already, with strings and more bits and pieces to come in the following week. Here are some photos of the sessions at Atlantis..

In other news… I’ve discovered a Swedish fast food called Tunnbrodsrulle (photo above). It’s weird but it hits the spot in this cold climate.  It’s a sausage wrapped in bread with mashed potato, lettuce, tomato and prawns.  I had trouble ordering one.. it’s difficult to say correctly!


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