Olivia, Olivia

March 30, 2009

I’ve been a bit nostalgic of late. I spent most of the day looking up chords for some of my favourite old songs… most of them quite embarrassing to tell you the truth.  I’m looking to record some covers for b-sides and things so it was research – watch out! I stumbled upon lots of Olivia Newton-John. She was one of the gems that I grew up listening to because she was one of my mum’s favourites. I used to dance around the lounge room to the extended live version of ‘Physical’ and imagine I was an aerobics instructor. This may be disturbing information for many people… but, I have to admit I’m still a fan of songs like ‘Magic’, ‘Suddenly’ and ‘Xanadu’… I stumbled across a youtube clip of a little girl dancing to ‘Magic’ in her lounge room and it made me happy to know that the love of Olivia is being passed down through the generations.

Here’s one of Olivia strutting her stuff 


The Sarah Blasko

March 26, 2009

I’m talking about the pizza!  I have just been alerted to the fact that I have a pizza named in my honour at the Producer’s Bar in Adelaide.  I have to admit, it isn’t quite what I expected, if one can have expectations with this kind of thing. But, news in is that it’s… wait for it .. a DESSERT PIZZA. NOOOOOOOOO!!!  Call me conservative, but I personally think dessert and pizza should not be messed with in this way.  But, who am I to quibble. These are the ingredients of the Sarah Blasko: Death By Chocolate Sauce, Chilli, Double Cream & Crushed Nuts. OK, so let’s try not to read into it too much. I’m in some eclectic company on the menu.. Red Hot Chilli Peppers (an obvious choice of course), The Neptunes (the seafood pizza), Nick Cave (cool), Sia (South Australian native)… I’m the only dessert pizza. I’m not sure whether to feel important or very, very uncool.


The Sarah Blasko

I'm uncool.. they misspelled my name!

Home & Hosed

March 16, 2009

Sorry if I worried you, but I am indeed home from my Stockholm adventures.. and I’ve brought my new little one with me.  It’s fresh and wide-eyed and I’m very proud. Sharon Chai has begun working on the cover art, I’ve chosen the first song you’ll hear and it looks like I’ll be making a video clip in a few weeks.  The album is yet to be mastered and I’m still fine-tuning the track order and deciding on the album title.. 

The warm weather is definitely aiding the decision making processes! I’m loving it after so many weeks of so many layers, although I really miss the snow… 

Below is documentary proof that I’ve recorded an album and that it is indeed “finished”.. in case you can’t read it properly and you think it’s just some Finnish mixes, it says “Sarah Blasko. All finished mixes”!


All Finished

All Finished

Photos & Farewells

March 6, 2009

Well, it’s farewell to lovely Stockholm for now… my record is mixed!  I’m spending a few days in London now working on some record cover ideas with Sharon and just hanging out.  We went for a lovely walk in Hampstead Heath today and you could sense the first humble signs of Spring in the air.  I was quite sad to leave Stockholm after the month I spent there and the new friends I made.. Below are a few photos of my show at the Folklore Centrum. (sniff, sniff) you’ll notice the very cute piano that we recorded most of the album on in front of me.. these photos were taken on a replica of an old 60s camera by my new friend Kostas.  I’ll be interviewing him in this blog very soon because he’s a music nerd (and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying that either).  He knew more about Australian music than I did! It made me feel like I was right back in Newtown while I was away.

Me checking my setlist

Checking my setlist












playing guitar

Folking it up













The Aristocrats - Noah & Shep

The Aristocrats - Noah & Shep

Mixing & Mingling

March 2, 2009

I’m down to my final days here in Stockholm.  The mixes are incredibly close.. We’re spending the next few days finishing them before I start the journey home.  I’ll be stopping in London to work on some ideas for the album cover with Sharon Chai, who did the design for my other two records.  She lives in London, so unlike the other times, we can actually discuss it face to face… How old fashioned!

I had a lovely evening on Friday when I did a show here in Stockholm at the Folklore Centrum.  It was terrifying but one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever played. It was so quiet in there and everyone was so close, but it was a great atmosphere.  Izzy read a poem he wrote about his daughter, and some of the guys from the Aristocrats played along for some songs. It was great fun. I’d moved a little piano in there and mostly played songs from the new record. Thanks to everyone who came along for making it a great night.