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March 16, 2009

Sorry if I worried you, but I am indeed home from my Stockholm adventures.. and I’ve brought my new little one with me.  It’s fresh and wide-eyed and I’m very proud. Sharon Chai has begun working on the cover art, I’ve chosen the first song you’ll hear and it looks like I’ll be making a video clip in a few weeks.  The album is yet to be mastered and I’m still fine-tuning the track order and deciding on the album title.. 

The warm weather is definitely aiding the decision making processes! I’m loving it after so many weeks of so many layers, although I really miss the snow… 

Below is documentary proof that I’ve recorded an album and that it is indeed “finished”.. in case you can’t read it properly and you think it’s just some Finnish mixes, it says “Sarah Blasko. All finished mixes”!


All Finished

All Finished


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