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April 1, 2009

I’ve been nominated for a Green Room Award for the music I wrote last year for Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  The Green Room Awards are the Melbourne Theatre awards. I’m pretty pleased because it was my first time writing for theatre. Fiona Crombie has also been nominated for her wonderful design for Hamlet. All the info is at

In May it’s the Sydney Writer’s Festival & I’ve been asked to contribute to a few sessions.  I’ll be part of the discussion ‘Will The Real Writer Please Stand Up?’ on Saturday 23rd May  10:30am, and on Sunday 24th I’ll be in conversation with Bernard Zuel at 11:30am.  These are both free and will be held at the Bangarra Dance Theatre.  All the information is here:

In other news, my first album ‘The Overture & The Underscore’ has only just been released in Korea.  I think it’s cool that they wanted to begin at the start. I’m hoping to get the chance to visit there sometime in the coming year.


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