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April 27, 2009

Howdy! I’m writing this to you as I wait for a plane back to Sydney after spending a whole 5 hours in Melbourne preparing for the video clip I am to shoot this week for the first song to break free from the album.  It’s called ‘All I Want’ and it will be premiering (fingers crossed) on some radio stations as early as next week so listen out.. It will most likely be the only song on radio at the moment that begins with a musical saw (which kinda sounds like a theramin or an old lady warbling).  I’m shooting the video for the song on Friday in country Victoria and all I can tell you is that my co- star is a horse. So now I can cross two things off my list 1) dance with my favourite instrument, the piano 2) act alongside my favourite animal, the horse.  I can retire now.. Today we were preparing the costumes.

Tomorrow I am finally locking in the sequence of the songs on the record and over the weekend I’m recording some bonus songs. Lots of fun ahead…


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