Scandinavian Adventures Pt1

August 12, 2009

I had two enjoyable shows in Stockholm over the weekend, one at Landet and another at the Folklore Centrum.  I played with fellow Australian, Pikelet who’s on a bit of a world tour. Thanks to those people who came along, particularly the lovely lady who came all the way from Berlin. I’ll need to make a stop there next time!

Next Monday I play in the South of Sweden in a town called Malmo. I think the guys who played with me the other night – two of whom played on ‘As Day Follows Night’ will be joining me for the adventure. In the meantime I’m checking out Copenhagen. At least I’m trying to… it’s been raining since I got here! I was thinking of going to see the new Lars Von Trier film ‘Antichrist’ because I am in Denmark, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of film one should see alone in a foreign city! Lars Von Trier films are usually quite an ordeal.


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