Scandinavian Adventures Pt3

August 18, 2009

I write to you from the sunny (although rather cold and windy) seaside town of Malmo in the South of Sweden.  I’m back on Swedish soil after a week in Denmark, but I’m hopping back to Denmark again next week when I head to Aarhus. My time in Copenhagen was nice, it’s a great city and hopefully I’ll get a chance to play there one day. I went to see an American band called Deerhunter on Sunday night (they’re from Atlanta, Georgia I believe, with hints of Death Cab & Sonic Youth) at a place called Vega. I bumped into a friend of mine from Australia at the show.. he was working for the band after doing some shows with them in Australia. Considering I’d only decided to go to the gig on a whim, it was a strange coincidence. It was a pretty good show. On another note.. I must say, Danish money looks very pretty (gosh the word play is priceless in this blog).  The coins with a hole in the centre are worthy of being a pendant on a necklace. Between my time in Denmark & Sweden, I’ve been eating more hard bread, crayfish and mayonnaise than one person from the Southern Hemisphere has ever encountered… just to get more coins of course. 

Thanks to those who showed up to our performance at Debaser in Malmo last night. It was most enjoyable. Great to play with those guys again.  For those who didn’t manage to get their hands on a sampler CD, you can now order my albums through the merchandise link on my website..

So, I’m staying another night in Malmo and the town is festive in look and attitude (the festival runs all week).  There’s lots of kids and some of those Dutch pancake stands – that kind of thing! Tonight ‘A Camp’ were playing (Nina Persson from the Cardigans features) in the main square, and I had a lovely walk in the gardens surrounding the castle this afternoon.  It’s so green here at this time of the year.

Well, my next Scandinavian performance is this Saturday evening at Lasse i Parken in Hornstull.. it looks like a very nice outdoor restaurant and I’ll be doing a brief show from 6-6:30pm I believe. I don’t think there’s a door charge, so spread the word..


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