Scandinavian Adventures Pt4: Notes From A Speeding Train

August 21, 2009

Technology is something I often despise, mostly because I can’t seem to keep up with it.  I find more and more that I enjoy things that have a simple button or two, nothing virtual. I want things to be tangible! Until it’s helpful to me that is… and then it’s my best friend.  Yes, I’m a fair-weather friend! So, here I am.. writing this from a speeding train, tearing through the Swedish countryside on the internet! Part of me feels proud of myself for partaking in this modern indulgence and the other feels sickened that I’m writing emails instead of admiring the awe-inspiring scenery as it flashes past. Perhaps I’m overthinking it all a little.

I’m somewhere in between Gothenburg and Stockholm. Just went through Skovde I believe.. I even took a photo for you using my computer’s camera… (I know, I’m amazing you with my technical know-how!)

Photo 2

Looking just slightly uncomfortable with technology










I’ve been enjoying reading some interviews with Tom Waits at the moment.. a collection called ‘Innocent When You Dream’.  I’ll leave you now with a quote because my conscience won’t let me waste anymore of this scenery by spending more time on this computer… This is something he said to a member of the audience when they yelled out that they couldn’t hear him loud enough while he was playing a show.. “Well, I’m hollerin’ my fool head off” rasped the seedy man of the hour, “Ain’t screamed so loud since the pigs ate my little brother”.


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