Scandinavian Adventures Pt5: The Lisa Danielsson Mystery

August 26, 2009

Good evening. I’m writing this from Aarhus in Denmark where I am currently stationed. Tomorrow night I play a few songs at the unofficial opening of the Aarhus Festival at the Town Hall, otherwise known as the Raadhus.  I’m fortunate to be playing a few songs alongside some great people – Howe Gelb, Isobell Campbell, Joe Henry, Nive and legendary Danish songwriter CV Jorgensen. The DeSoto Caucus will be our band.  I’m having a lovely time here and we’ve been spoilt so far. Last night the Director of the festival and his wife (a TV chef) put on a feast for us. It was incredible.

But, before waving goodbye to Stockholm I bought a mysterious leather bag at a flea market over the weekend.  It’s the kind of bag I’ve been looking for for a while. It’s a leather satchel. Kind of like a brief case, but old and worn and full of character. It says “Lisa Danielsson Enkoping” on a little name tag, and the seller said that it was his grandmother’s.  Enkoping is the town in which she obviously lived, but it was his mysterious words that stirred a curiosity about Lisa Danielsson that I’ve since been unable to shake.. “Good luck” he said with a knowing smile.  As I intercepted the bag I felt a strange feeling come over me. Perhaps the bag was haunted, or would give me special powers? Maybe Lisa Danielsson had a troubled life that meant that the owner of the bag was to be cursed forever? Or perhaps he was just being friendly and didn’t know what else to say.. was she a teacher, a secretary, scholar, vet, doctor, nurse, dance instructor or an accountant?! I must know! ..I have become obsessed.  Who was Lisa? Like a cross between Sherlock Holmes and the guy from Antique Roadshow, I’ve attempted to piece her life story together, but alas, I still have no real clues.. there are no signs held within the bag and Google is a joke! In fact I have absolutely nothing. But, it has made for some humourous discussions that have usually involved speaking in a ridiculous British accent. Anyhow, here is a photo of the mysterious bag which may or may not be cursed:

Photo 7


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