Scandinavian Adventures: A Final Note

August 31, 2009

I’m leaving Denmark tomorrow, heading to London for a show on my way home (not that it’s exactly “on the way”!).  I’ve spent a week in Aarhus and I must say that I’ve had a ball, with some wonderful gastronomic experiences thrown in.  Howe Gelb took us to his favourite place here in Aarhus, L’Estragon… a quaint little restaurant with magnificent food. Howe, a resident here in the summertime, has a piano set up in the tiny little place. So after the lengthy meal, Howe entertained us with some stride (it’s my new favourite kind of music – it’s a jazz piano style that evolved partially from ragtime). We walked out feeling a little light-headed (there was a different wine with each dish and the food was incredible..) and light-hearted after spending the evening with CV Jorgensen.  A lovely man and one of Denmark’s most respected songwriters.  I’m curious to know more about his music and his life now after seeing him play a couple of times and after spending some time with him. It’s strange when you can’t understand what someone is saying in their music, but you really do get a feeling from them and of the heart behind it. The city was really excited to see him play when it’s apparently been eight years.

The shows went so well, and it was great to be a part of them.. The DeSoto Caucus worked very hard to pull the music together, so I’m really grateful. Playing alongside Isobel Campbell (and being her room mate for the week) was also a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who came to the shows in Aarhus and for making me feel so welcome.  But, I’m really sorry to those people that missed out on the CD I proclaimed that I was giving away last night.. I ran out! But, you can order the full album through my website. Hopefully if you do that then someone will realise it’s a good idea to put the record out in this part of the world! I’m having a little bit of trouble with that..

So, farewell to Scandinavia for now..


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