Denmark: The Last Word

September 1, 2009

I have a few final remarks about Denmark and Scandinavia that I thought I’d share with you:

1. The locks on the doors to toilets in Denmark are very sturdy and they make a very clear locking sound. It removes any fear of being walked in on, which is very reassuring!

2. People inhale when they agree with what you’re saying. This is a Scandinavian thing I believe. It sounds a little bit like they’ve lost their breath. I like that. It makes what you’re saying feel like it’s important and sort of drastic even when it’s not.

3. They like a good relish.  I’ve enjoyed the relishes/chutneys while I’ve been here – in Sweden there was a good cranberry one. I became so accustomed to these relishes that I accidentally put some strawberry jam on my ham sandwich when I was given a complimentary pass to the British Airways Lounge. My flight got cancelled attempting to leave Denmark. 

But, on my way to London now!


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