Ramblings of the Jetlagged

September 9, 2009

My overseas travels are over for now, and I’m back in fair old Sydney… It’s quite strange noticing the difference in the air between a city coming out of Summer and then one coming into Spring.  The smells are so different even though the temperature is similar.. there’s a sense of anticipation when the weather changes – with the onset of Spring there’s a buzz but when the city is going into colder weather there’s a feeling that people are closing up a bit. Anyway, there’s my fascinating weather observations! So, big thanks to everyone who came to the London show.  It was a fun night. The following day I was quite a tourist.. I even went to see a stage musical – ‘Billy Elliot’ – and, I know you’re not going to believe me, but it was fantastic.  It made me want to cry.  The kids were all so cute and funny and full of life and I’d forgotten what a lovely story it is.  They weren’t your usual show business type kids that I can find really nauseating either.. they were very honest and sweet.  The kid who played Billy Elliot that night – apparently they share the workload among 4 kids – was incredible. There was one scene where he did all these backflips and it was amazing.  I know I’m uncool, but believe me, it was good OK!

So, speaking of the theatre..I’m busy preparing for my tour in Australia. I’m very excited I have to say. I’ve been planning the staging with a wonderful designer – Robert Cousins – he designed for the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of ‘War Of The Roses’ and films like ‘Candy’ & ‘Romulus My Father’.  I’ve also got a lovely lady in Melbourne, Noella Thomson, working on some attire.. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think the show’s going to have some nice surprises.  I believe that the Enmore Theatre is moments away from running out of tickets.. i’m so happy. There are also extra shows on sale in Brisbane and Melbourne.

I’m jetlagged and must sleep now.. it’s 8:45pm.. but, I’ll leave you on a note of fashion. I’ve been featuring a super special bow tie in some shows lately, so I thought I should share some information on the creator of these here.. I’ve been wearing one that is cleverly titled “The Triple Entendre’ (the bow ties detach so you can wear 1-3 at any given time), but there are plenty of other styles too.. www.myspace.com/allofourlives. Thanks so much to Mitch for generously giving me one to wear. I wear it with pride on each occasion.



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