New Zeeeeeeland

September 21, 2009

Even though I’ve had the pleasure of recording in New Zealand and the tremendous honour of an undie run mid-set from the Prince of New Zealand, Mr Liam Finn (Liam ran onstage in his undies and tried to dance with me while we played ‘Sweet November’ in Adelaide when we toured together a while back – I’ve got to say, his undies were not quite what I’d expected! Rather conservative actually)…. anyway, even though I’ve had these wonderful New Zealand experiences and I like a bit of New Zealand Ice cream, I’ve never actually played a show there..  But, now I am to play 4 shows in the glorious country. I’ll be supporting The Brunettes who you can also see at one of my shows in Brisbane and in Melbourne.  Here’s the important info:

Thursday 5th November, Al’s Bar, Christchurch 
Friday 6th November, SFBH, Wellington 
Saturday 7th November, Kings Arms, Auckland 
Sunday 8th November, Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh

I believe you can buy tickets at


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