Empire State Of Mind

August 10, 2010

We’ve tweeted it and therefore it’s official (insert sarcastic tone) – Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann and I are in New York City making a record in a mere ten days. We’re all happy to be here at Stratosphere Studios considering the dramatic lead up.. Sally was knocked into a man’s luggage trolley as she was transferring to her New York flight in Los Angeles. As Sally herself reported to me upon arriving in New York “He looked cuckoo, dressed in a woollen vest, t-shirt and shorts and plowed into me through the crowd, scooping me up into his trolley until I was actually sitting in his trolley, my legs tangled in the wheels”. What made the incident even more peculiar is that Sally found herself to be alone in the trolley, the crazed man having no other form of baggage. Well, apart from his own personal baggage. (insert chuckle) If anyone has spotted the crazed vest wearing man, please don’t hesitate to alert the authorities. Alas, this was not the only mishap to befall our friend Sally, for her luggage was lost upon arriving in New York and didn’t turn up for 3 days. Young Holly Throsby had her own troubles with her “flip flops” (insert the word “thongs” if Australian) self destructing on the walk towards the rehearsal studio on the first day. Unfortunately they gave no indication that they were about to give way and so she was forced to hobble on one fip flop until she could find a suitable shoe store. Unfortunately the end to the sad tale is that Throsby was forced to buy a $1 pair of bright orange diamonte flip flops and walk through the cosmopolitan city of New York with blushed cheeks. I flew in from London with nothing more dramatic to report other than an entertainment system that wasn’t functioning properly for the first half of the flight.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the record.. Sally, Holly and I have been talking about doing one together for a while now. At first we thought about just doing a series of shows together, but then decided we’d all longed to be in a girl band.  Sally sent some reference tunes for inspiration and a song that she’d recently written, and Holly and I were smitten with the idea. Over the next six months in between touring, recording and procrastinating we all wrote enough songs for an album and decided on New York City as our recording destination.  We are joined by the wonderful Jim White on drums,  Shahzad Ismaily on bass and Victor Van Vugt (producing/engineer).


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